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Nov 19, 2023


Reliable and effective communication is the linchpin of success in today’s

Reliable and effective communication is the linchpin of success in today's digital world. And an important factor in that is the fiber optical cables manufacturer you use. With a surge in demand and expansion of choices, it is difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of fiber optic cables. That is where we come to play.

OPF is the leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables and prides on their innovation, world-class quality products, and precision. Founded in 2006, we have since worked hard to establish trustworthy, lasting relationships with our integrations and customers. Our products are used by telecommunication firms, data centers, and industrial automation firms.


At OPF, we manufacture a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We deal in customized products as well as manufacture a range of standard products to ensure uniformity.

With precision, we strive to make our products reliable and cost-effective. They are crafted with cutting-edge technology that ensures durability under any extreme circumstances. For instance, while manufacturing exceptional structural cables, we craft them with durable jackets so that they can withstand damage under the heating sun, harsh wind speeds, very low temperatures, etc.

With 90% of our product being cable, we cover around 200,000 kilometers of it per month. We deal in manufacturing ADSS, ASU, Drop Cable, Micro Duct Cable, OPGW, Quick Connector, PLC Splitter, Closure, FTTH Box, etc. Not only this, we also provide customized products to fit your needs.


Our certified professionals engage in extensive research before launching a product. And to establish trust with our customers, we give them a chance as well to test our products before arriving at a decision.

And to test our products in different environments, we provide free samples. Our support system provides up to $100 USD samples to companies all over the world. Before a customer formally deals in our products, we like to ensure them of our quality through intense testing and trials.


Not only are our products made of hi-fiber technology, they also go through an extensive testing and trial process before they reach you. We invest in intense R&D, manufacturing, and distribution. And our role does not end with manufacturing. We also provide effective after-sale service to our customers.

With 20 years of learning and experience, we have integrated with various partners to better ourselves constantly. Our satisfactory service and good rapport among our customers make us a desirable fiber optical cables manufacturer in the market.

Companies trust us with all kinds of cable solutions, whether standard or customized. Our decade-long relationships establish the good reputation that we have due to our precision, hard work, quality of products, fast delivery, after-sale services, and customer support.


OPF fiber optical cables manufacturer is your go-to service provider if you are looking for a reliable entity to endorse communication. We understand the importance of communication in this fast-paced world and work hard to provide tangible solutions. Reach out to our friendly customer support services to inquire about our services, products, and manufacturing.